Friday, April 25, 2008

My first DX QSO :

I want to share my first DX QSO contact. On 9th.Oct 2006 it was on SSB and the band was 20m, the time was 19.11 IST and the frequency was 14.245. Pumping out 80 watts of power through inverted vee. DX station was AH2J, OM Akira from Gaum Island. I was copying him 59+ blasting signals and in return I got signal report as 53. I managed to complete and from the one got addicted to this most wonderful hobby.

Even if you are new to the hobby, you can work DX almost as easily as a seasoned HAM. Pick the right frequency bands at the right time of day (or night) and the DX stations will be there - ready to rag chew.

Be courteous and fair to all hams on frequency, using good operating procedures is every bit as important as logging that DX.


  1. You are genius, Sai! :-)
    I liked this idea of presenting your first QSO online. It'll help the new-comers a lot!!

  2. great idea to have ur first QSO uploaded to remember later how it all began. It made me nostalgic about my first QSO, I remember the conversation but unfortunately did not record it. Keep updating your site ...there is a lot to look forward to as you advance in the hobby.
    One final comment though, you certainly dont sound so cautious while giving out your callsign on air these days- HI !! :)

    All the best and 73


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