Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Guru VU2NXM :


My very first eyeball with VU2NXM, OM Basappaji was in 2005 December at Thane Amateur Radio Association classes. During the tea break I told Basappaji that it is impossible for me to learn CW. Being an EX-Navy Telegraphic officer he just told me one thing that I still remember, this are his words "still the war has not started and you want to surrender yourself, without even fighting".

VU2NXM took pains teaching me CW in a very simple way jumbling alphanumeric words for practicing CW. It is because of Basappaji I was a part IOTA DXpedition (IOTA AS-169) Elephanta islands when I was an SWL, were each and everything was clear regarding the pile-ups, split, digital and setting up of antennas.

Basappaji's former callsign was VU3BKY. Has worked CW and SSB but his taste is more towards CW. Enjoys working split with a speed of 25-30 WPM. He has participated in most of the CW contest and few SSB. He has won many awards and one of them is the prestigious DXCC.

VU2NXM, team member of VU7LD Lakshdweep Island expeditions, worlds most wanted DXCC country


  1. nice intro of your Guru:-)
    he will b proud of u:-)

  2. It is nice read about NXM, a very simple and humble HAM.

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  4. NXm is a very humble and kind person. i had the opportunity to learn CW from him. indeed, well deserved article...sailin, good writing...

  5. Very good intro of GURU VU2NXM, he is GURU of mine also. I am from 3rd batch of TARA recd training under him. He has effective way of explaining any diffictult topic to make it very simple. I am still learning new things under his guideance. Third JOTA will be under his able guidance at Panvel on 19th OCT.08.

    VU2OUR - Vivek Dashputre


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