Sunday, July 27, 2008

International YL Meet South Africa :

An International YL Meet is scheduled to be held in South Africa during October 2008 when YLs and their partners will be arriving from Japan, Korea, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia and France.

The tour starts on 3 0ctober 2008 at Lesedi Cultural Village at the Cradle of Mankind. From there they will visit the Pilanesberg National Park and on 6 October travel to Durban and Cape Town.

Janet Musto, ZS5JAN, and Vee Antal, ZS6ZEN, were appointed as Organisers of the International YL Meet South Africa 2008 at the International YL Meet held in India last year.

Local radio amateurs are invited to join the international group at various points during their tour of South Africa.

There is a gala dinner at Lesedi on 4 October. In Durban the group will visit the Barnyard Theatre at Gateway to see the show Dancing Queen on 12 October and in Cape Town on 17 October, locals can join the visitors for dinner at the Breakwater Lodge.

For details and to book contact: Vee, ZS6ZEN, fax 088 011 675 2793 for the Johannesburg and Cape Town events and Janet, ZS5JAN, on 082 321 1158 for the Durban event.

Source: The South African Radio League

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  1. Looks like YLs are more active all over the World:-)


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