Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To be a Good Ham Operator :

1. Listen with care. Avoid distractions in your radio room. Make sure your radio is operating on the proper frequency.

2. Monitor the frequency you wish to use. Call only when a frequency is free. Make sure the station you are calling is available for contact.

3. Make short calls, with a break to listen. Speak clearly, at a steady, moderate rate. Three short calls are better than one long one.

4. Speak near the mike. Keep local background noise to a minimum.

5. You must consciously learn to push the microphone button, pause slightly, and then begin speaking. If you push the button and speak simultaneously, the first word or the first part of a word may be cut off.

6. Talk as you would in person. If you need, notes will help avoid mixing up subjects. Try to keep your language polite.

7. Speak naturally. Make QSO’s interesting. Use proper operating form to promote efficiency in communication and add respect and prestige for your station.

8. Always keep a pen and a paper handy to note down the station info. you are talking to.

9. Try using Headphones, if there is a local QRM within the shack.

10. Maintain your log book.

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