Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Diamond X50 at last :

Finally I installed my Diamond X50 dual bander antenna 2m/70cm. On Saturday itself I called my HAM friend VU2WSM, OM Satheesh and Bijoy that I want to install my antenna and they confirmed. Next day we started at 1600 IST, the installation was pretty simple no hassle at all and safe too. We first dismantled my 5/8 lambda and replaced it with X50. After installing it, we saw a rainbow, perfect semicircle very clear and really a spectacular thing to watch. Rarely this kind of thing is seen in urban metros.

The testing part was not up to the mark, We all felt 5/8 lambda 2M antenna which was my previous one was much better. We had test QSO with VU2PDN, OM Srini an old timer with a sound technical background and VU2UBP, OM Ulhas. Then I got a simplex call from VU2OSK, OM Omkar and we tried 70cm the copy was blasting with 500MW. Was really upset then at around 2200 IST I gave a lima lima to VU2WSM lets try simplex. It was 59++ blasting signal with 500MW, then I tried it with 100MW and it was same this gave me relief.

Final setup


  1. congrats on your new diamond antenna:-)

    the rainbow is awesome!!!

  2. Congrats on your new antenna and giving us a glimpse of your urban antenna farm as well.

    Is your 40M inverted-vee performing to your liking? I like the innovative approach that supports this antenna.

    And I'm intrigued by the 20M dipole as well.

    Scot, KA3DRR

    P.S. The rainbow is right on!

  3. Nice, Congratulations !
    Was it the Gods smiling or were they genuinely pleased that now they can catch you on 20m ? :-)

    73 and happy DX'ing

  4. Congratulations for your Diamond X50 dual bander antenna. I liked the Final Setup image with the details of the antenna.


  5. I still don't quite understand the technical terms because of the not being cued in. But the signal strength gives a perspective. Congratulation on the X50! Keep it up :)


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