Friday, October 17, 2008

HAMFEST INDIA-2008, Gandhinagar :

Banner of HFI-2008

Town Hall Venue

The Gujarat Institute of Amateur Radio (GIAR) came into existence soon after the destructive earthquake over the year’s, GIAR has widened its reach well beyond the state of Gujarat. Be it 2003 HAMFEST INDIA or at the time of devastating earthquake in 2001, Tsunami at Andaman & Nicobar island’s 2004 and also provided assistance at the time of flood in Surat 2005. Since its inception the institution has grown with the support of Gujarat HAM community and the dedicated effort of the government of Gujarat, NGO’s and well-wishers. The institute spreads awareness and enriches interest of HAM radio in the society.


Gujarat Assembly Speaker Ashok Bhatt inaugurated the event.To popularize Ham radio activities in the state, over 325 Ham Radio operators from across the country did participate in a two-day national event, HAMFEST INDIA-2008. From Mumbai & Thane itself we were almost 30. Engineering students, particularly those studying communication and information technology were invited to attend the event. The operators demonstrated innovative techniques of radio communication, and also present their technical papers.


Day I - 11th October 2008 :
  1. Inauguration by Gujarat Assembly Speaker Ashok Bhatt
  2. Joy Of Home brewing PPT by Prof. S.P.Bhatnagar, Bhavnagar University
  3. HMY2KB- A Multi Band HF Transceiver PPT by Dr. Rajasekhar, VU2HMY
  4. Satellite Communication - Basics & Application PPT by Scientist Vilas Palsule
  5. DX & Propagation Lecture by Dattatry Deogaonkar, VU2DSI
  6. BGAN (Broad Global Area Network) PPT by Jinofer Bhujwala, VU2JJJ
  7. Global ALE High Frequency Network PPT by Sarath Babu , VU3RSB
  8. Live Snake Show by Dharmendra Trivedi, VU3DJT
  9. Cultural Dance program
Day II – 12th October 2008 :
  1. Winlink2000 PPT by Gopal Madhavan, VU2GMN
  2. Amateur Radio Video by GIAR
  3. Price Distribution
  4. Concluding Ceremony by Governor of Gujarat Nawal Kishore Sharma
VU2NG,OM Narendra
Nanda harmonic of late Sh. Guljarilal Nanda

Winners of HAMFEST INDIA-2008 :

1st Dr. Rajasekhar, VU2HMY
2nd Prof. S. P. Bhatnagar
3rd Dattatry Deogaonkar, VU2DSI


Winner of Eyeball Contest:

Sarath Babu , VU3RSB (with 156 contacts)

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