Thursday, October 9, 2008

VU4 and VU7 to be activated again :

Dear friends, greetings to the Ham world from India.

It gives me a great pleasure in informing you that VU4 and VU7 will be activated again this year as part of NIAR Silver Jubilee Celebrations in October 2008.

The necessary clearances have been obtained; the formal permission letter for VU4 and VU7 activity will be issued shortly. The callsigns will be VU4MY, VU4RG, VU7NRO and VU7SJ.

I would like to thank all the applicants who have supported us and joined hands to strengthen amateur radio activity in India. The VU4 and VU7 will be activated by teams of foreign and Indian amateur radio operators. Names and other operational details will be given by the respective teams.

We profoundly thank the all the concerned government agencies like the Ministry of Defence, Home Affairs and External Affairs as well as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for their continuous support to amateur radio activity in the country.

It is the third time for three years in a row that the Government of India has extended its full support to foreign and Indian radio amateurs to operate their amateur radio stations from remote Islands of Andamans and Lakshadweep. The simultaneous amateur radio activity from these two Islands is a path breaking achievement for NIAR during the year of Silver Jubilee.

We wish all hams to join us to support our vision and mission to strengthen amateur radio promotion in India.

Look forward to meet you on the band.

Thanking you.

With Regards,

S.Suri, VU2MY

Founder & Chairman,
NIAR Web site:

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