Saturday, November 22, 2008

LZ DX Contest :

The LZ DX Contest is organized annually by the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs the week before the last full weekend of November from 12.00 UTC on Saturday till 12.00 UTC on Sunday, i.e. during the weekend before the CQ Worldwide CW Contest weekend.This year the dates are November 22 and 23.

Bands and modes:
80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters, CW and SSB. Same station may be worked once on CW and once on SSB on each band. After changing the mode the entrant must operate on this mode for at least 10 minutes. Band changes are allowed without restrictions. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time. Low power (up to 100 watts output) entrants will be marked (*) sign in the final results. Bulgarian stations are listed separately from foreign entrants.

For non LZ stations: RS(T) + ITU zone; for LZ stations: RS(T) + 2 letters district abbreviation.

10 points for each QSO with LZ station; 3 points for each QSO with other continent;
1 point for each QSO with the same continent (own country included).

SWL points:
3 points for two call signs and two numbers received; 1 point for two call signs and one number received.

The sum of ITU zones + LZ districts on each band regardless of the mode.

Final score:
The sum of QSO points multiplied by final multiplier.

Paper logs:
Separate logs for each band + summary sheet are required. Please send your logs to: BFRA, P.O.Box 830, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Electronic logs:
Please send your e-log (preferably in CABRILLO format) to lzdxc@yahoo. com or Deadline for both: 30 days after the contest (post seal being decisive).

Courtesy :VU2TS, OM Ganesh

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