Saturday, December 6, 2008

CQ DX-Marathon 2009 :

The DX Marathon is the perfect answer for the DX-er who needs that extra incentive to get on the air every day! Simply work as many countries and CQ Zones as you can in each calendar year, regardless of the band or mode. Each country and zone counts only once, so you can concentrate on working new ones rather than working the same ones again and again on multiple bands or modes.

Briefly, the CQ DX Marathon is an year-long activity, starting at 0000 UT on 1st January and ending at 2359 UT on December 31st. The Marathon is for single operator only. One point for each country worked, and one point for each CQ Zone worked. There are no multipliers. QSLs are not needed.

Check out the contest rules and other information by clicking HERE.

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