Saturday, December 13, 2008

A new morse trainer for PC by ZL1AN :

If you are a no-code ham or an SWL and want to learn C-W, have we found a neat way to assist you. It's a new Morse teacher program from ZL1AN, that can be can be downloaded from the New Zealand Amateur Radio Transmitters ham radio society website. Its really neat. Take a listen as we play with its speed control from about 20 down to 5 words per minute.

In playback mode you can vary the speed from 3 to 30 words per minute. You can also set the output frequency of the audio the from 500 to 1000 hertz and the Farnsworth character separation speed from 12 to 35.

The program runs in Windows and has already received rave reviews. Many are saying that it is the best "teach-yourself- Morse" program yet developed or that they have ever seen. You will find it in cyberspace at:

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