Thursday, January 15, 2009

HF International Vintage Contest 2009 :

The official date for the second edition of the contest is on April 12th,2009 and the hours for the operations are from 8:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC and from 15:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC.

Please, share and communicate the date of this unique and pleasing contest to your official mailing-list, web sites, magazines, vintage radio magazines etc.

Moreover we remember you the address of the official site of the contest where you will can read the official rules of the contest and where is possible to download (free) the contest handling software.

For any need, request, suggestion or other, please contact:

iv3ehh@iv3ehh. it or ik4gni@arimini. it
In enclosure copy of the rule.

Thank you for the collaboration and we hear you in Contest!

73' de IV3EHH Pietro (Peter)

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