Friday, February 20, 2009

7Th MA-HAM 2009 :

I fell I am very lucky this year, Yes, I am continuously having many opportunities to attend ham meets one after the other and able to see all my good old friends frequently. Thanks to the organizers of these meets for enabling me to do so.

After the Yecaud meet in January, on 14th Feb, I went to The MA-HAM meet, arranged by of the veteran, VU2VIT Vittalji, VU2INA Inar, VU3MPK Appan and VU2KBX Anna. As usual this is another meet at the famous tourist spot Mahapalipuram, started at in the morning and went on till 5 pm in the evening.

Every year this MA-HAM meet is arranged on the second Saturday of February. For this meet no registration or entrance or any other fee is charged. In this respect I would dare to say that THIS IS THE ONLY ONE HAM MEET BEING CONDUCTED AT SUCH A LOW AND CHEAPER COST EVER IN INDIA. All hams were invited earnestly, received respectfully in the venue, allowed to meet each other, chat, discuss and exchange information and experience between themselves through eyeball and a few talks and speeches were given by some hams, arranged on the spot. Between 1 pm to 2 pm all were requested to go for lunch to any hotels nearby, which are many in number, and have the food, to suit their taste and pocket. Really this was a thrilling experience to everyone who participated in such a meet.

I went through a record kept at the venue for registration and found that the number of participants in the year 07 was 54, in 08 was 143 and during this year, 09 it was 89. The entire expenses were born by sponsors, VU2TTL, VU3MII, VU3CPE, VU3MPK and SWL Nathan only, by way of their own contribution and private collection. They refused to receive any more donations from others. When I asked them why, the answer was that do not want to have any more money than what is required and they had sufficient fund by that time. When I again suggested receiving and keeping that for next year’s need, they replied that if they have more money then it would lead to politics and problems and hence declined that suggestion. What a fine statement? Have your ever heard like this in your life? In this world where chances are expected by all to get money, these individual behaved differently. I was really surprised and astonished. Really it was a bold venture and attempt by them to satisfy the hunger of all the hams by their own efforts.

Right from 8-30 am on words, all the hams started flowing in one by one and in groups, with lot of expectation and anxiety. By 9-30 the entire hall was full and I could see all the hams chatting with each other happily, exchanging greetings and reminding their earlier meets with them and passing on their activities details and improvements and new applications made in their shacks. I could see a great happiness in their eyes and in the interaction between all of them. Every one was shifting their positions from one to the other and was discussing with lot of interest. This went on till 11 am and after that, all were requested to take their seats and an informal meeting started. Every one was requested to make a self introduction.

After this, VU2PTR gave a talk on “Tips for a Home Brewer”; VU2GUR talked on “Satellite Communications”. Then some others came and expressed their critical experience on various applications. At 1 pm the crowd dispersed for lunch.

After the Lunch, all assembled to witness the different stalls exhibited by VU2LB, VU2PTR, VU2PAL, VU2MPK, VU2VSD, VU3STJ, VU2ARA, held personal discussions with them to satisfy their requirements and received their need also from them. A CD from VU2RQ, jam, containing very useful information was also available,

During this period all SWLs separately had a small gathering between themselves and they met some experienced hams, to get details on subjects such as, how to become a ham, how to attend the classes, what are the subjects to be studied, what would be the type of exam they have to undergo, where to write the exam etc., They were fully informed and I felt they were much benefited by such eyeball discussion.

With much happiness and satisfaction that they all attended a useful meet, one by one left the premises, taking leave of others and I also did the same and came back with a similar satisfaction and experience.

I thought that I should express my impression and as the result I have reduced everything as a small write up, which I hope all the readers will read, enjoy and have a feeling that either they should have attended this meet or they must avail at least the next opportunity without fail.

Courtesy : K.Santhanam

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