Monday, February 16, 2009

Generations in Contest - 2009 :

Aim: This is the 3rd “ Generations Contest” organised by ARSI, your national society. It is a contest for all the age groups of VU operators. You have to exchange “the year of your first Amateur licensing” with the other participants. Suppose, you might have got Grade II in 1985 and graduated to Advanced Category in 2003, you have to give 1985 for the exchange, and not 2003. This contest is open for VU QSOs only. Regular/Occasional Net controllers, Organizers of this contest, are not ELIGIBLE FOR ANY PRIZES. They may, however, take part and send their logs to help the participants.

Date and Time: The Contest takes place between 0530 Hrs. IST of 28th,February 2009 and 1730 Hrs. IST of 1st March 2009.

Modes: CW or Phone or Mixed.

Categories: Single Operators take part in the following categories:
Single Band: CW or Phone or Mixed.
Multi bands: CW or Phone or Mixed.

Bands: All bands from 160 to 10 metres. No WARC bands.

Exchange:No RS/RST is required. The year (in four figures) in which you got your first licence and continuing without a break. is the important exchange.

QSO points: The difference between 2008 and the four figure year you get in your contest QSO.Example: If operator “A” gives you 1985 in Phone mode, then the QSO points are (2008-1985)=23. If operator “B” gives you 1995 in Phone mode, the points are 2008-1995= 13. If operator “C” gives you 1967 in Phone mode, then the points are (2008-1967)= 41.

Bonus:If a station is worked in CW, you get an incentive 5 points as bonus, in addition to the points you get, as shown in examples earlier. This is to encourage CW. Example: If operator “A” gave you 1985 in CW mode, the QSO points are (2008-1985)=23+ bonus 5=28. If operator “B”gave you 1995 in CW, then the points are (2008-1995)=13 + bonus 5=17. If operator “C”gave you 1967 in CW, then the points are (2008-1967)=41 + bonus 5=46.

Duplication: The same station cannot be worked again in any band or mode.


Compulsory: All participants must SEND logs, else their QSOs will not be accounted for. This is
very much needed for cross-checking logs received.

SWLs:You can log a station only once in any mode or band and claim points, but, logging the same station again has NO QSO point value. A complete QSO only, is to be reported.

Total Score: QSO points from a band or all bands, totaled together, is the Final Score.

Awards: Special awards for the oldest licence holder (his amateur age) and the youngest licence holder (amateur age) would be issued. All categories carry first three place awards.

Dead Line: All contest logs are to be sent by mail, to reach VU2UR-Arasu, Contest Manager, MIG-6, 80 Feet Road, Kengeri Upanagara, Bangalore 560060 before expiry of 30 days from the last date of the contest.

Any feed back regarding this contest, may please be sent to: and

All the very best in the Contest and Good Luck.

Courtesy : VU2UR, OM Arasuji

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