Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My HF rig ICOM IC-718 :

When I got my tickets on 1st. August, 2006 immediate thing came into my mind is which HF rig I should go for. One thing was for sure that I will go for only HF rig that does not have VHF/UHF. This is always a tough call for we HAMs. Ultimately after doing lot of surfing on internet I made up my mind to go for ICOM IC-718 which was available at the lowest price of any new 100W HF radio in any category.

IC-718 offers a lot of bang for the buck. Although the IC-718 does not include an antenna tuner, provision is made for one of two ICOM external tuners. Personally I use a manual ATU (MFJ-901B) cheap best and easy to use. The IC-718 is generally easy to operate and includes all the basic controls and capabilities to get you on the air. If u need to add features through available options, the price will go considerably. By purchasing options late, you may minimize the initial pain. This I have been using it with no complains up till now. Have worked almost 119 countries and that too on simple Dipole as well as inverted vee. It is simply great!

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