Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A45WH comment on Double Bazooka :

It’s not really big feat to work W land on 20M but when it comes to 40M it starts to make you think. Especially the way the sunspot cycle has been and we are at the bottom. The interesting part is that the operator was hearing me at 5/8 and I was hearing him at S8 to S9. He was using an Alpha (Should be approx 1KW) and I was running only 100 Watts with my Icom Not only did I make the contact on a Monday night but I worked him with the same results on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday as well. Always with the same results. My signal was always the strongest with less power. Goes to prove it is all in the antenna.

With my personnel experience this antenna is considered as the low cost best antenna with a less RX noise level....

73’s A45WH

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