Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just do it !

Herewith I am posting 2 photographs of VU2NP, OM Dossu's Shack. Truly a perfectionist, a die hard homebrewer and a very soft spoken HAM. And the best part of Dossu is he has homebrewed his own shack carpentered it by himself. Very neatly with tools area next to his shack. Antenna's farm masting is excellent something worth watching for all new budding HAM's.

From the HAM fraternity our hopes are always with you Dossu. Thanks for that wonderful eyeball, would like to have more in near future.

Good radio shack and antenna grounding may not always improve your signal and radio reception.....But it is always the safe thing to do - Just do it!


  1. Great!!! this is the true spirit of hamradio...and whoever gets inspirations like this won't stuck back in the field of hamradio for sure...

    Sinosh VU3PKQ

  2. This is like some laboratory!


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