Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Homebrewed CW Paddle :

Homebrewed CW Paddle by VU2NGB, OM Binu

Some HAMs are really die hard homebrewers. Besides hamming they do lot of homebrewering either making radios, antennas, Morse keys, computer interactive cables, amplifiers, weather satellite decoders etc. As I am member of VUHAMS yahoo egroup, I came across to an email by VU2NGB, OM Binu mentioning a cw paddle made from a telephone relay which he has homebrewed it for more than 10 years back and still working without any problem. He owns Bencher BY-1 also but he likes his homebrewed paddle more than commercial one. OM Binu uses it mainly for his portable work. Presently OM Binu is in VK land and his callsign is VK2BNG.

Courtesy : VUHAMS egroup.

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