Monday, April 27, 2009

New QSL card design by me :

My friend VU2BUG, OM Akshay wanted a QSL & eyeball card in a fancy manner. As his suffix is BUG it made me easier to design. I send the soft copy for approval to Akshay and immediately got a positive reply to go ahead for it. I am herewith uploading soft copy of it :


  1. Sai's Creativity.....
    Very good,
    Keep it up

  2. Sai,

    Nice card, but would have made more sense to put 'the bug' on the card as well.
    see for the real Bug....u will understand why i like Akshay's call sign so much :)

    73, CDP

  3. Well, it's a fantastic card. And I like to see what has come from the printers. The makoda looks great.
    The Vibroplex bug can come on the card once it comes to the QTH.

    73, BUG

  4. Do let me know when the bug comes home. I have been tempted to try out myself; however it would be shift from iambic keying which i am more comfortable with.

  5. This is really neat! Good work Saailin :)


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