Tuesday, May 26, 2009

VU2YAM Enters Limca Book Of Records - 2009 :

YL Sadineni Yamini, VU2YAM, aged 22 years, member of National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR), Hyderabad became the first Indian woman to participate in an International Dxpedition conducted in an uninhabited Cocos Island of Costa Rica, Central America during 9-13th February 2008.

YL Yamini, excelled in her achievements for using voice as well as digital modes of amateur radio communication technology that enables sending e-mail without internet from a remote location. Sponsored by NIAR and Austrian Amateur Radio Society, she was also among the youngest and the only woman of the 12 member team consisting of hams from USA, Europe and Asia.

Several national and international organizations have recognized and acknowledged specific achievements made by YL Yamini earlier. This exceptional achievement now finds place in National Record 2009 of the prestigious Limca Book of Records as per the communication received from the Editor, Limca Book of Records. Limca Book of Records is equivalent of Guinness Book for India.

YL Yamini took special interest in the field of amateur radio joining as student member at NIAR and continued to pursue this activity with out most dedication. She continues to motivate youth to become partners in technology development by exhibiting her skills and undertaking challenging expeditions under extremely difficult circumstances in the field of amateur radio, which will remain as an inspiration to younger generation.

Courtesy : Jose Jacob, VU2JOS


  1. Congratulations, Keep it up.
    DE VU3PAI.

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