Thursday, June 11, 2009

Floods - 2009 Mumbai :

Floods in Mumbai are attributable to simultaneous occurrence of rainfall and high tides. If the rainfall is in excess of 200 mm in a day (24 hrs) the floods can occur anytime irrespective of the tides. However, if there is moderate rainfall but the tides are in excess of 4.50 meters at the same time, the city of Mumbai is sure to get flooded.

Accordingly, heavy floods are anticipated on the following days in Mumbai, if there is excessive rainfall at the time of high tides, since the tides are extremely high on these days: -

(Click on the image to view)

BMC has already planned to keep the schools closed on 24 July 2009 since the tide level is going to be a record high of last 100 years on this day.

Mumbaikars are, therefore, requested to cooperate with the administration by restricting their movements and certainly not to take their vehicles out on the roads on these days.

Also, please advise your friends and relatives outside Mumbai not to plan a trip to Mumbai on these days.

Pre-warning helps one to be prepared for emergencies. Emergency Preparedness helps in preventing personal disasters. Be prepared to take care of your family, especially the children.

Kindly dissipate the Flood Warning given here to as many Mumbaites, Navi Mumbaites and Thaneites as possible.

Courtesy : VU2PIC, OM Parin

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