Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Safety First :

I still cannot forget how I erected my 20M dipole antenna, it is manually rotateable made of aluminum pipes in a telescopic way with both the ends 16.5 ft each. My QTH which on a hillock is a eight storey building and I stay on fourth floor. So pulling the mast which is 20 ft 1.5 inch MS pipe "C" class was really a challenge. I did approached one local plumber in our area to help me out. We started our work early in the morning, he had brought one helper too because the pipe weight was more than forty kg. And the best part is he was hardly sixty-five kg himself.

I asked him how he will pull that mast, he told me it is easy I will stand on the parapet wall and pull it. I was shocked because he did not have any harness or pulley to lift the mast. He confidently told me nothing will happen we do it daily. I being mean because I did wanted to erect my antenna told him to go-ahead. He lifted it with ease but seeing it virtually I was somewhat not at all comfortable. Erection of antenna was not a problem. But safety measures are must.

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