Saturday, July 11, 2009

Special call AT1HQ for IARU :

AT1HQ will be the special callsign used by all 6 stations out of India representing ARSI - the national association all bands SSB and CW.

The modes,bands, stations and locations are as follows:

80 VU2PTT Bangalore
40 VU2SWS Mumbai
20 VU2SWS Mumbai
15 VU2PAI Mangalore (Ops 2PAI & 2MTT)
10 VU2PTT Bangalore

160 VU2BGS Bangalore
80 VU2BGS Bangalore
40 VU2TS BR Hills
20 VU2PAI Mangalore (Ops 2PAI & 2MTT)
15 VU2PTT Bangalore
10 VU2UR Bangalore

Courtesy : Arasuji, VU2UR, Contest Manager, ARSI.

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