Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AT8LHC - Yes we did it :

Operating from Kadalur Point Lighthouse - Kerala from 7th to 16th August 2009 making more than 600 QSO and reaching more than 50 countries .

Operators were VU2OJ, VU2LX, VU2UR and VU2JHM.

Special Thanks to VU2MTY OM Ashraf, VU2ATB OM Sunil and VU3SIO OM Sanil Deep for out of the way help and support. OM Vishwanath, VU2VJT OM Thomas, OM Vidjit VU2KIV and his Friends for their visit. International Lighthouse and Lightship Week of www.arlhs.com has our countries entry.

Kadalur Point Lighthouse celebrating its Centenary this October is situated close to Nandi Bazaar near Qualindy Railway Station between Calicut and Cannannore (Kasargod).

For photos of AT8LHC
1) Click here
2) Click here

Courtesy : OM Lion Ajoy, VU2JHM

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