Friday, August 14, 2009

Workshop On Disaster Management :

The Regional Training Institute, All India Radio organised a 5-day Workshop on Disaster Management during 10th -14th August 2009.

Over 20 Program officers and other senior officials of All India Radio from various States including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa visiting NIAR on 12th August 2009, as part of their program to gain knowledge and information about amateur radio communications and interact with experts in this field.

A live demonstration of various modes of amateur radio communication including digital and internet related technologies popularly used by Hams was shown to the participants.

During the course of interaction, one of the participant emotionally charged the atmosphere by narrating his own personal experience of how the information on critical illness of his daughter was relayed to him by Hams at CM's residence in Bhubaneshwar through the Resident Commissioners office in New Delhi during Orissa Super Cyclone relief communications, reached him in-time, which saved the life of his daughter.

It was indeed a prized and exhilarating moment, when the hearts were speaking all the words, as the participants applauded the spirit of radio amateurs for their sincere commitment towards service to society in times of need.

The three hour session was truly an experience to cherish and remembered for a long time.

Several Hams who participated in the Orissa Super Cyclone operations including Mr. S.B.Ram - VU2LIC, Mr. Chaitanya Kumar -VU3MCK, Mr. Yogesh, Ms. Bhanumathy - VU2BL, Mr.Jose Jacob - VU2JOS were all present on the occasion.

Courtesy : OM Mohan, VU2MYH

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