Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A45WH/P From AS-014 :

Sangeeth (SAN) VU2CEO – A45WH, along with his friends OM Manoj VU2MCJ, SWL Renosh and SWL Safeer. He will be operating from Masirah Island, Oman IOTA AS-014 Location: 17.93N - 23.00N / 56.33E - 59.92E on 22nd to 24th of September 2009.

Callsign: A45WH/P.

They Will be QRV ON Top bands 40m,30m and 20m bands.

MODES:CW, Digital & Phone.

He has also plans for 2meter Dxing (experimenting) from this island to VU land on call frequency.

145.500, I request all the Indian hams on west coast to monitor the call channel between 4.30 to 9.30 IST on the above dates.

Planned Rigs: ICOM 756ProIII/YASEU FT897D, Amplifier KENWOOD TL-922.

Antenna: 60 feet homebrew vertical for 160/80 and 40, Beverage for RX homebrew GP FOR 20meter, Cushcraft 26B2 for 2m.


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