Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Earthquake early warning system :

VU3PAT, OM Patrick have been doing some thinking lately and going from the frequent earthquakes in the region where he lives, an earthquake early warning system was what crossed my mind many times. A system that would need the regional support and some financial assistance from the ham radio community and government so that the general public could be warned seconds before an earthquake passes their vicinity.

He says, Its a very simple idea really. All we need are eager (perhaps active will be nice) ham radio operators in India (and Andaman), Bhutan, Burma who can offer space for the installation of geophones. Each geophone will run on solar power and batteries, with an HF Transmitter that will transmit tremor warnings from any location on different bands. Each Indian state will have two or more geophone points with the second or more geopoint confirming a warning with the second or more geophone point(in split seconds)before transmitting the confirmation to other states that may be on the path of the quake. We will not use computers in our system as software's take time to cause the hardware to react from a warning and processing adds to the delays and seconds are precious to a 21000 kmph impending disaster. Everything is analog and simple with the entire system running 24 X 7 X 365. The system will then be tied up with an audible early warning system at co-operating ham radio shacks country wide unless the government intervenes and provides a place or places where such audible warning could be heard by the public. But don't rely too much on your local neta (politicians) or the government. If he likes your face fine, if he doesn't that's just fine too and we'll move along fine anyway doing things on our own. The system also requires periodic drills and checks by hams to ensure that the system works at all times. Cost per location pegged at Rs.7000 (Geophone, homebrew Multiband QRP 5W- multiband AM TX and small 10W solar panel with MH battery).

Anyone who would like to get into this project and discuss the finer technical nuances of the project may contact him at 9863316487 or patrick_pugh2000@yahoo.com.

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  1. Although it is a good idea as well as good effort also yet we have to get permission from WPC for that.



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