Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Specail QSL's :

For serious QSL collectors and award Hunters only.

If you are attending HAMFEST 2009 at Bangalore on 7th and 8th November 2009, please read through:

QSLs for VU QSOs in all the special event operations with calls like AT6MM, AT8ESP, AT7CD, AT8WFF will be available for exchange with your very precious QSL cards. All these special QSLs carry more
points for the WRI award. Kindly bring your cards for all such QSO's and take away the special cards from us.

If your friend in your city who is unable to attend the Hamfest 2009, but, is keen to take his special l QSLs, let him send his QSLs through you and collect the cards, in absentia. No problem.

If you dont have a QSL, or tell us that your QSL is with the Printers and is soon to be delivered, even then, we know the value of our QSLs and you can take cards from us. After you return to your QTH, please be kind enough to send the cards due to us. That will be very much appreciated.

Likewise, if you have not received QSLs from any amateur who may be attending the Hamfest 2009, then bring your cards for him, and you can request for an exchange of QSL cards, in the eye ball QSO.

These are not "EYE-BALL QSO" cards, but, real QSL cards, in multi colour and the DXers are after these, for various awards.

We also know that some of you, only like to receive cards, and never send one from your side. We do not disppoint even these boys. We keep our specail cards ready Hi. Hope this will make them, take more interest in QSLing in future.

Courtesy : OM Arasuji, VU2UR.

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