Thursday, October 29, 2009

Special Event QSLs at hamfest 2009 :

VU's, attending the Hamfest2009 at Bangalore, please note.

If you have made QSO's with any of the following special event stations AT6MM, AT7CD, AT8ESP, AT8WFF, AT8LH then please bring in your cards for these QSO's. You will get your special QSL's. Lot of money and time is saved, in these days of high postage rates.

If you know someone who is very active, but, not attending the Hamfest, pse tell him and get his cards too, so that you can collect the special cards for him also, from us, either VU2UR or VU2LX.

No other VU special event organizer so far, has made such an offer. Don't miss this great opportunity.

Courtesy : Arasuji, VU2UR

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