Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eyeball with VU - 0020 :

My trip to Bangalore HAMFEST 2009 really turned out to be very fruitful. I had an eyeball with Viswanathan from Tellicherry, Kerala. Viswanathan is SWL since 1998 and his SWL call is VU - 0020. Uptill now he has send 30000 plus QSL cards and has received 12000 plus in return. From the 12000 plus QSL card received it contains 290 countries and 342 islands.

He showed his album to me and I was really amazed. And the best part is he is a CW SWL. Getting QSL's are at a slow pace since he depends on the QSL Bureau, but hats off to his patience.

Some of his achievements are:
Received awards such as IOTA ( And he is the 1st VU in person to get it ), EWWA-hf-250, DDFM.DPXF, KDN, R-100_o, and nine awards from ISWL - HAS, DX Century CLUB 250, Pacific Ocean, The Americas, Continental, Commonwealth, etc and HA-VK-CA, etc. Due for many awards.


  1. Hats off to Viswananthan. Waiting for an eyeball during HFI 2010 in Pollachi. 73s.

  2. Really great....... true and SWL. Dr.Rajasekhar. VU2HMY

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  4. I hope he received my card sended via bureau.
    Henryk SQ9MZ


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