Friday, November 20, 2009

Feild Day :

The Malabar Amateur Radio Disaster Communication Club (VU2KLP) and the Malabar Repeater Club (VU2MWW) is proposing to conduct a Field Day on the 21st of November, Saturday, from 9am till 4pm, WX permitted.

The Location is Josegiri Hills, Kannur District, very close VU3KER QTH, at an approx. altitude of 3500 feet plus, uninhabited location,with a cool WX, at present, with wide variety of Fauna and Flora for company.

The ascent to the top will be on foot only, up to the base will be 4 wheel jeep drive.On certain days we can observe wild Elephants from the top!

VU2KLP humble request to all Hams who are free, to participate by operating from their shacks and also who can access the following repeaters to stand by, if possible.

1.Mysore Repeater.
2.Kodai Repeater.
3.Nelliampathy Repeater (Palghat).
4.Calicut Repeater.
5.Cochin Repeater.
6.Yercaud Repeater.
7.Pathanamthitta Repeater.

As all the above Repeaters have been accessed at various occasions, we can hope for a 100% QSO!

A newspaper and tango victor coverage is also arranged, like the previous years.

Long Live Ham Radio!

Courtesy : VU3KER, OM Dr. A. Manoj

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