Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Try ham radio :

Check out this interesting link:


Courtesy : VU2PEP, OM Paddy


  1. Your basic motive behind this blog is to make money ith google ad sense and other banner ads. Be a real ham, not a newbie dweeb, fess up !

  2. Thanks for your comments dear friend. Posting such bold comments is real gr8 thing, but u r a coward u forgot your name. I do it openly, If u have guts and if u r a real ham u should have wrote your name.

  3. Sai, you are doing a real good job and keep up the work going in full swing. Ignore those stupid comments from stupid people (sorry for being abusive). I think the comment poster is not aware about the pains to be taken to write and maintain the blog. Thanks 73s. Happy Hamming (NOT HAPPY HAMMERING)

  4. Just ignore & keep up the good work ! I'm an ardent follower of your blog. Your work is much appreciated !!

  5. Sai

    1st let me congratulate you for the blog you have created , also the efforts and pain taken by you to update the same, it is not a 2 liner efforts which an "ANONYMOUS !#@%@&" has posted ,but it takes an effort and time

    However i am glad that some idiot has also taken an effort and pain to go to our blog read it and advice on its contents , which is definetly beyond his/her understanding

    I am proud to associate with ham like you a dedicated ham and a very good blogger, keep up the good work and just ignore the idiots(anonymous)

  6. There are a million blog writers who put up ads on their blog. The ability to monetize means people are willing to come on this blog and read and come again. Only a very small percent of total who have put up advertisements qualify for the payments.

    So, let the gentleman crib. It does not matter.

  7. I am proud to associate with a HAM like you who dedicated to share the knowledge and experiance to the world through a very good blog. I think the comment poster is not aware about the pains to be taken to write and maintain the blog. Keep up the good work and just ignore the anonymous....

  8. Keep up the good work. Regarding 'money making allegation' or comment, it is best forgotten so as not to lose peace.

    No hammering only hamming!

  9. Thanks for providing very useful link on Try ham radio. It's awesome.


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