Monday, December 14, 2009

Antenna workshop at Kollam :

The QUILON AMATEUR RADIO LEAGUE will be conducting an ANTENNA WORKSHOP On 9th & 10th JAN 2010 at Kollam. It Is proposed to assemble the following types of antennas.

  1. J.Beam.
  2. Dual Beam.

H.F. :
  1. 80/40/20m vertical.( 2M Length )
  2. 80M trap dipole.
  3. 20M Two element yagi.
  4. 5 band spider antenna.(Hexa beam)

Those who want to participate the workshop may kindlyregister their name before 31st Dec 2009 with VU2SYT at vu2syt@yahoo. com (spot registration will not be allowed).

Sufficient no of connectors and cables will be available at the workshop on payment. All are requested to bring their own tools for assembling the antenna.

Those who want to assemble the antenna may kindly intimate their requirement to VU2SYT by email so that we may collect the materials for the antenna in advance.

Courtesy : OM Varadan, VU3ITI

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