Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HF TRX workshop @ Bangalore :

On 27th and 28th of Dec 2009 HF Trx workshop is proposed to be organised at SJR College, Bangalore-9. OM Dr. Naidu, VU2ZAZ and OM Dr. Rajasekhar, VU2HMY will be present on both the days and guide the participants. Already 10 + 10 participants have registered for the workshop. If any ham is interested to participate please mail your consent to VU2UWY i.e. or to Prof. Basavaraju for participation. Demo of fabrication of diff antenna is also arranged on the occasion. Hams from other than Karnataka state are given preference. Last date 14th Dec 2009.

Prof. Basavaraju's email ID is mnbasavaraju@yahoo.com

Courtesy : OM Suresh, VU2UWY

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  1. Greetings the persons who attended the work shop at Tivendraum between 11.12.2010 to 13.12.2010.Thank you very much for having attended and helped the persons who come there for making RADio Receiver. splecially to SRi Dev and Allen who has work hard to help me with my reciver. Seaqsons greetings and all the best wishes to you all of you including my personal guide Shri Jeshop. Thank you very much once again


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