Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's The Best Wire Dipole For All HF Bands :

There is no wire antenna that is the best. There is no antenna that is the best.

Every antenna comes with its features and its compromises. The features that are good for some are disadvantages for others.

You need to decide what you want to get out of it, before you can find the one that is "best" for you.

For example, a full-wave loop on the lowest band, fed with open wire-or ladder-line, can make a darned nice multi-band antenna. Loops have an advantage over many dipoles/doublets in that they work (or are easy-to match to) on even harmonics too. But on the higher bands, like on many wire antennas, its pattern breaks up into a mess of lobes and nulls. And if it is a horizontal loop, on the lowest band it might work best as an NVIS antenna (for local coverage) but not DX; but all those lobes on the higher bands have much lower radiation angles so they are good for DX. A vertical loop is directional which could be either good, or bad. And its pattern changes dramatically too on the higher bands.

So one way of looking at it is, whatever wire antenna you erect in your yard, is the one that's best for you.

Or if you are a perfectionist, or never quite happy with what you've got, then whatever antenna you erect will probably never be the best one for you.

Courtesy : Andy

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