Monday, April 12, 2010

At Last Worked 3W6C :

On Saturday 10th April, 2010 worked 3W6C on 20M 14.220 up 10 (Split) at 14.56 UTC and checked out conformation on

3W, VIETNAM (VERY RARE IOTA #2). An international group of operators are now active as 3W6C from Con Co Island (AS-185) until April 18th. This multi-national project, being coordinated by Swiss ham-radio operators, consists of roughly 20 individuals including one woman and members not only from Switzerland but also from Vietnam, Germany, USA and Japan.

During their stay they plan to have 4 stations on the air. Their goal is to make contacts on as many different frequencies as possible, even on the 80 meter and 160 meter bands which makes this DXpedition very special. The team will also be on the satellites. The following satellite will be used: AO-07*, AO-51*, HO-68*, SO-50 and SO-67 (*first priority - not all overflights and sats will be used).

Please note that only AO-07 will be activated in the SSB/CW-mode. All other satellites are in the FM-mode.The main areas in the footprint are: East-Asia, Japan, China, India, Australia and eastern part of Russia.

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