Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moonbounce From Mauritius :

From May 15th until May 25th 2010, 3B8EME will be active from Mauritius on 144 MHz moonbounce.

The locator is LG89qt.

Frequency: TX and RX on 144.124.

Working condition will be 2 x 10 X-pol yagi; 400 watt amplifier; Gasfet preamp.

René PE1L, Eltje PA3CEE and Johan PE9DX.

For further information

please visit : http://www.emelogger.com/mauritius/default.asp

[Moonrise for us ~0120/UT on 15th May, setting ~1230/UT; Mauritius - rising ~0340/UT and setting ~1440/UT; add one hour for each day.]

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