Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone HAM Apps :

If you have an iPhone, there are at least a handful of apps I think you'll find of value.

1) iCluster - this one cost 99 cents, but well worth it. It gives you clustering, across all bands, or you can specifi a particular HF band. Excellent tool if you are portable, mobile, etc.

2) Quick QRZ - if you can't remember all 300+ DXCC prefixes, this one will help you figure out whether the guy at the other end of the pileup is one that you need. Free.

3) Ham for iPhone - not a lot here, it is also free, but it is a quick way to get info on Sun Spot cdx.

Courtesy : OM Trent, N4DTF

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    There are a couple of other iPhone apps for Ham Radio which I like a lot. The first is the Echolink application, which allows you to link to Echolink stations and repeaters from your iPhone. It's free.

    iBCNU is fun as well. It's an APRS client for the iPhone and enables you to to send position reports and messages to the APRS network. It's not free, but good value in my opinion.

    73, Tim, G4VXE


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