Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ragchewing Best Part Of Ham Radio :

On 16th March, 2010 at around 1600 UTC to 1726 UTC on 14.250 had a ragchew session with :

  1. VU2DK OM Zal, QTH Pune
  2. VU2ALO OM Alok, QTH Pondicherry
  3. VU2TQC OM Jayant, QTH Navi Mumbai
  4. VU3GJP OM Narayanan, QTH Madurai
  5. VU2CDW OM Mathur, QTH Pune

All coming in 59+

The best part of it was band was really good for short skip. I was not able to work VU2DK & VU2CDW as they were always in skip because they are hardly 170 Kms from my QTH. On 16th it did work wonders and both of the station were coming in blasting at my end. Had a wonderful ragchew session on HF after so many days. VU2ALO was having a problem with his power supply, So VU2DK suggested him go for an SMPS power supply which is available in Mumbai and passed the microphone to me asking about it. I told them I am using the same for last three year and it works really fine and above all light weight round about 500 Gms. I did pass my email ID, I got his email very next day and gave him lima lima of power supply vendor.

And today 29th March,2010 at around 1354 UTC on 14.230 UTC, I heard a CQ call from VU2ALO and reverted back to him. He was very happy and passed me the QSP that I am using the same SMPS power supply which was suggested my VU2DK and he was quite happy with its performance.

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