Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TRX Workshop At Kollam - Additional Info :

ALL are invited!! but with a valid amateur licence.

Jota TRX is a simple SSB (LSB) only, single conversion, 40M transceiver designed by VU2DEV, OM Ramaprabhu.

It works on 12Volts Battery and outputs a Minimum Power of 15Watts average (30 watts pep) at 13.8 Volts sufficient to contact Soth-India and a few operators have contacted as far as Germany, South Africa etc running only a good Dipole antenna!

The proposed workshop’s main aim is to promote HomeBrewing! As such this project is NOT meant for beginners.

For registration and for more details, contact,VU2SYT on 9446854749 or VU3HLX on 09895654344 .

Treasurer, QARL &
PRO to workshop event

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