Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Working PY7CPC :

As my tweet goes

As usual I was checking out DX cluster on my cell (, saw PJ7I, Sint Maarten on 14206. Thought I may able to work as it was a new DX for me, but it was in vain nothing was heard. While tuning on 14.200 I heard 59+ signal giving a CQ call and he was PY7CPC, OM PERES. As for a person like me having a simple dipole working him was something beyond imagination. Had a long QSO, you can say a small rag chew. Peres happen to be a VU origin from Goa, Mapusa as he told me and one of his sister does stay in Mumbai. For last 40 yrs he has been staying in PY. He has tried many antennas and insisted me to try delta loop which will give u best results.

For me I have been always attracted towards whole of Latin America, Its my dream destination. Peres made it my day. Thanks Peres, hope to work many more times on air and probably eyeball too.

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