Friday, May 17, 2013

DX Contact On VHF :

At around 0223 UTC my VHF base was on VU2BBB repeater (Matheran), I heard A45WH/M, OM San giving a CQ call. I reverted back his call. He was using a Yaesu FT7800R pumping out 50 watts, 7 element yagi 5mtr above the ground level using a fishing pole as a mast. VU2BBB at an approximate distance of 1446km From RAS -AL HADD.

Thanks to one of his friend Rafi who was helping him out holding the mast as WX was windy. QSO with the group ended at 0301 UTC. Last few overs were bit weak on audio side but the copy was 100% readable without any QRM as such.

Few others HAM's also joined us were :
  1. VU2WSM, OM Satheesh, Dombivali
  2. VU2JRT, OM Jagdish, Surat
  3. VU2WLL, OM Vispi, Mumbai
  4. VU2PJM, OM Pervez, Mumbai
  5. VU2NP,  OM Dossu, Mumbai
  6. VU3DOT, OM Bijoy, Thane
  7. VU2HOC, OM Hoshi, Valsad

Courtesy : Pics taken by OM San, A45WH (actual location)

1 comment:

  1. DREAM COME TRUE... Don't know how to Thank Sangeet (A45WH also VU2WH) and his team ( especially who holds the 7 element yagi pointing towards Mumbai) to fulfill our dream project........... San traveled morethan 200 Km to reach the location only for this experiment.. This plan has started after his comment in in 2008



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