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CQMumbai Eyeball Meet 2013 Brief Report :

CQMumbai Eyeball Meet 2013 got an overwhelming response with presence of 89 HAM's. Not only from Mumbai but fellow HAM's all the way from Pune, Lodhivali, Panvel, Navi-Mumbai, Domivili and Thane were present as it was open for all and not restricted to Mumbai HAM's only. And the best part was no clubs were involved.

How it all happened......
It was long time back may be six months my friend OM Cyril, VU2AY passed me QSP that OM Shripal, VU2SPM want to have and eyeball. OM Ruzbeh, VU2KWI too passed me the same QSP once when we had a ragchew on VHF. Whole idea was scrapped and no action was taken. Myself and OM Deepak, VU2CDP had the same idea in mind for last one year and during that period he got crystal controlled and was bit QRL with his M.QTH too. Finally one fine day I got a lima lima from OM ShripaL, VU2SPM and he told me that we should goahead for an eyeball. VU2SPM was in regular touch with OM Adolf, VU2AF AND OM Ruzbeh, VU2KWI. I called VU2CDP and passed him QSP regarding VU2SPM, VU2AF and VU2KWI and we suggested 17th August, 2013 being a Saturday we can expect good numbers. Out of all my job was minimal.

VU2CDP posted a survey on CQMUMBAI group and we just had less than 25 days in our hands. If I am not mistaken we got only 19 reponses on survey part and why we expected atleast around 25 to 30 HAM's for eyeball. On survey part it was decided that venue will be somewhere in South Mumbai. It was VU2KWI along with VU2SPM who fixed Cricket Club Of India. And now VU2KWI came into action, he did handle it so perfectly from ground work to registration part otherwise this event would never be possible equally followed by OM Adolf, VU2AF who personally called many of the old timers and that's how we were on the right track.

And the best part I did not had an eyeball with VU2KWI and VU2SPM till the meet. We all were in constant touch with either lima lima or via email.

Finally the meet.....
I along with OM Makarand, VU2YAG reached venue around 18.50 IST. Met on the entrance OM Ananta, VU2MWH and OM Shailesh, VU2LOC. Got a call from OM Suren, VU2SFH that he is in the hall itself with VU2KWI at that time I met him along with VU2SPM, even OM Dossu VU2NP,VU2CDP and VU2AY along with XYL's. When I asked him whats the total no, he told me 90 plus, that was really a feel good factor. Saw OM Roomy, VU2GTE welcomed him all. At around 20.15 IST we started our proceeding, there was no agenda as such. VU2CDP took the charge and welcomed all, 1 minute of silence was observed for OM Micky, VU2IZO as he was silent key just one week back and many fellow HAM's who had been silent key in last few years.



Certificate Of Appreciation


Watch Some Introduction Video : click here

VU2CDP handed over the mic to OM Dossu ,VU2NP. VU2NP was given job to hand over certificate of appreciation to YL Perviz, VU2PJM and OM Vispy, VU2WLL for conducting Night Owl's Net (VHF) for last 20 yearsand keeping Mumbai alive. Infact the guy who gave name to this net was present too OM Sreeni, VU2PDN he will be 88 on 5th Sept., 2013. Sreeni has a excellent command in English but due to health problems his voice is not so clear these days.Whenever somebody gives a CQ call he will respond to it, he use to tell all of us if u hear CQ call do respond to it. Never let a CQ call unanswered. OM George, VU2GT was kind enough to bring Sreeni. Myself, OM Satheesh VU2WSM and OM Jaiprakash, VU2JPN have been planning to visit Sreeni for last 3 years and finally it was possible.  Had a wonderful eyeball with OM Ramesh, VU2IOC (Read his article on investing click here) he too is 82.


VU2NKS, OM Nandu was present with his XYL and harmonic. VU2CDP passed the QSP that Nandu recently got CQWW RTTY single operator all band low power, Asia #1 Award. He is active on HF all modes and all bands not sure about 160m, loves RTTY. Takes part in most of the Dxcontest. Has been part of VU7LD, AT2DW and few more Dxpeditions. As we were in short of time brief introduction session was done by VU2CDP. Followed by dinner, after dinner a group photographs was taken. Meet ended with vote to thanks to all fellow HAM's.



Few highlights of the event....
We had oldest HAM OM Sreeni, VU2PDN who is 87 and youngest HAM OM Saurav, VU2NFG he is hardly 14. Saurav got his tickets just less than one month back and he is active on HF (only 15M, phone) and has made around 300 DX contacts. We do have same mentor OM Basappa, VU2NXM a die hard CW operator.

Few of old timers with 2 letter suffix.....
VU2NP, OM Dossu
VU2AY, OM Cyril
VU2AF, OM Adolf
VU2GT, OM George
VU2JE, OM Gopal


What next is not a big question now, we now have a ready platform to do more. Reminds me of my friend OM Micky, VU2IZO (SK) he use to say it is not I in amateur radio it is we who can make it possible.This was proved "All that goes well ends well". 

Photos : click here OM Charu, VU2UPX

Photos : click here OM Nikunj, VU2KWL

Photos : click here OM Deepak, VU2CDP

Courtesy : Photos - OM Charu, VU2UPX ,OM Nikunj, VU2KWL & OM Deepak, VU2CDP


  1. Nicely covered and Reported Sai.

  2. Nice coverage!
    Thanks to the organisers!!

  3. Congratulations... Excellent Article & Program...

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  5. Congrats to all of you for making this eyeball meet a success. Nice to see many of the Famous old timers and some of my friends in the photos.


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