Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Opportunity To See Mars Orbitor :

Thirteen Radio Hams + 1 SWL 

(VU3TYG,VU3NXI,VU3HCJ,VU2GUR,VU3DON,VU3JBA,VU3SPD,VU2RMS,VU3SXE,VU2TKX,VU3BJZ,VU2GZ,VU3UNO,SWL Pampati ) assembled at ISITE in Bangalore at sharp 9.30 AM on 27th September  and were greeted by Mani, VU2WMY, after completion of mandatory security procedures we were escorted to a conference room. Mr Madhusudhan Rao, DGM, ISITE greeted us and after a quick round of introductions appreciated the contributions of Amateur Radio and seemed to well aware of the hobby. He explained to us the activities that happen at ISITE and he also showed us an animated video of how the MARS orbitor was built and mission objectives.

 Mr Chinnadurai (VU2DUC), Engineer took over from here and escorted us to the clean room viewing area where we saw satellites under various stages of construction, he also explained the activities that are done in a clean room and answered questions from the visitors. 

Mr Jagadesh Babu (VU2WAH) , Deputy Manager, ISITE escorted us to the vibration test viewing area and there we had the first glimpse of the MARS Orbitor which was setup for vibration testing, he explained in simple terms giving some good examples  why vibration testing is such a critical prelaunch task before the spacecraft leaves the facility for launch. He also escorted us to the acoustic test area and explained why acoustic testing is a very important pre launch activity, this is the first and the last time we will see a door weighing 220 tons  used to seal the acoustic chamber. We also were awe-struck when we saw the entire acoustic chamber placed on huge springs to handle the vibrations and isolate from the rest of the building. This was a very interactive session with some good questions from the visitors.

Mr Vijai Senthil, Engineer showed us how nitrogen is used for acoustic testing and the huge horns which are responsible for the testing.

On the way out from the Acoustic test building we were met by Mr Aravindakshan, DGM, Facilities Group who made us aware of the objective of the MARS mission and answered some questions.

The group assembled outside the campus for a photo session (Attached with this email).

I would like to thank Mani, VU2WMY for organizing this visit in very short notice as getting last minute approvals may at time's will be difficult and also for explaining how the MARS orbitor will reach its orbit.Thanks to all those at ISITE mentioned above who spared their valuable time to explain in detail and patiently listen and answer our queries.

Bottom Line - We got more than what we were looking for in this visit and this will linger in our minds for a long time.

Lastly- Wishing ISRO and all those involved in this project all the very best for a successful launch and deployment of the MARS Orbitor.

Courtesy : OM Nitin,VU3TYG Secretary, AMSAT INDIA

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