Thursday, May 22, 2008

Handling Disaster :

Communication in disaster situations would be handled by nets there is a second kind of emergency; those that happen randomly. Although rare in this age of cellphones, you may be called upon to deal with things like traffic accidents, fires, medical emergencies and such where emergency services need to be summoned. It is important these situations are handled correctly. People's lives may depend on what you do in these moments.

Initiating an emergency call:

•Tune to a frequency that is in use locally, if possible.
•Set your transmitter on maximum power.
•Wait for a gap between transmissions.
•Say "BREAK BREAK BREAK this is" followed by your callsign and Requesting emergency assistance.
•Wait to be acknowledged.
•State the nature and location of the emergency.
•Remain on the frequency for further communications.
•Remain on scene until help arrives.

When you hear an emergency call:

•IMMEDIATELY suspend all other communications.
•Acknowledge the breaking party and ask what he needs.
•Be sure to get the nature and location of the emergency.
•Contact the appropriate authorities and give them the information.
•Keep the frequency clear for the person with the emergency.
•Do not leave the frequency until the situation is handled.

If you are unable to assist:

•Say you are unable to assist.
•Ask if there is anyone on frequency who can assist.
•If there is nobody else... handle it!

Never call "Break" except in a real emergency.

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