Thursday, May 22, 2008

Late Prime Minister Of India - VU2RG :

It was only in 1984 when OM. Rajiv Gandhi, VU2RG (now this callsign has been assigned to club station of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation), who was a ham himself,became Prime Minister of India, import duty for wireless equipment was low for amateur radio operators. This gave a fillip to amateur radio and with that the ham population started rising. Today it has crossed the 18,000 mark. OM. Rajiv Gandhi was a keen enthusiast of HAM RADIO and was in touch with friends through Amateur Radio all over the world. He avidly pursued the interest since 1974, when he received his amateur Radio Licence. OM. Rajiv Gandhi, in his short span of five years in office as Prime Minister of India, galvanised India by awakening in its desire to move purposefully into the 21st century. He was instrumental in promoting Amateur Radio activities in India. And also He was a moderniser and reformer.

The former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi was an active amateur radio operator even at the height of a busy political like and was committed to the promotion of HAM Radio activities, recalled YL. Sonia Gandhi, VU2SON, chairperson, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Till a few hours before his assassination, he was 'on air,' making his last call from Visakhapatnam on May 21, 1991 in the midst of a hectic election tour, she said. He used the HAM radio intensively while flying around as the Prime Minsiter.

courtesy vu2sdu


  1. It is very nice of you to acknowledge the good work done by Rajiv and Sonia, taking it further...

    Non politically speaking, this family has demonstrated remarkable qualities at times.

    No doubt the VU HAMs will forever remember the contribution of VU2RG. He inspired VU2SON in many great ways. We all have seen the results of her dedication in last election.

    And now Prinyanka has demonstrated a great inner strenghth by visiting her father's assassin. It is one thing becoming Sage Valmiki from a robber but it requires a deep understanding, love and compassion to forgive ones parent's assassin.

    May they continue to derive greatest benefits from their good deeds in this birth and beyond.

    Suresh Varma, VU2EOJ

  2. very interesting info! it's great to know that people like Rajeev and Sonia belong to the HAM community.

  3. A very interesting article on VU2RG and an interesting blog in general.

    73 de N2BZD


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