Wednesday, May 21, 2008

VU3MHC----------Silent Key :

I had gone to my native place Jamnagar from 4th. May to 20th. May, 2008. On 8th. May, 2008 I got a SMS from my friend vu2wsm that vu3mhc had fallen accidentally at his home QTH and had broken two ribs has been hospitalized.

On 10th. May, 2008 as vu3mhc had been hospitalized I called him on his cell phone but there was no reply from his side, at around 21.15 IST, I again tried it but no response. At around 21.43 IST I got SMS from my friend vu2wsm that vu3mhc is no more (Silent Key).

It was shocking news something hard to believe I received similar SMS from vu2osk also and it was confirmed news. vu3mhc was a good friend, myself along with vu2iia, vu2ubp, vu2wsm,vu3slj and sometimes vu2vvp all used to rag chew for almost hour or more. Minoo used to go regularly to Lonavala on weekends and the best part of Minoo was his description of Lonavala while rag chewing was so nice that we had a virtual Lonavala in front of us.

Minoo provided communication support at par excellence during Gujarat earthquake, At times also acted as relay station when the teams were in skip.And passed messages via radio from the local people who were the victim of the disaster were passed to the relatives.

It is still hard to believe that Minoo is silent key now. But one thing is very true we will be missing vu3mhc a lot. The only thing which hurts me that Minoo wanted to have an eyeball but somehow or the other is kept pending and we never had an eyeball. This time I confirmed to Minoo that after coming from vacation as he insisted all of our friends will be having an eyeball but.........

May his soul rest in peace.


  1. We all hams and both the repeaters will miss Minoo. (MHC)

  2. Indeed a shocking news! Even I feel sad that I couldn't have an eye-ball qso with him though we planned for the same a couple of times.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  3. Minoo was one HAM with whom one could rag chew on many subject without getting a slightes feeling of discomfort one feels sometimes on the Net.

    One could be almost sure that a CQ will be invariably generate warm response....

    As I said in my earlier email to TARA, dedicating the Matheran repeater to him was one of the most thoughtful act of TARA.

    May the electronic repeater imbibe the quality of Minoo, i.e. always at the service of fellow HAMs without any expectation.

    I can only send my Metta to him in the intense moments of mediation. "May he be Happy and Peaceful wherever he is..."

    Suresh Varma VU2EOJ

  4. Minoo,

    Before checking in for the night owls net, I always waited for you, VU2 PDN and VU2 LK to check in. Now whenever we check in we always remember you. You might have gone silent key, but we feel you are always around, listening to all of us, while the net is going on. You will always be remembered.


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