Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TARA's Matheran Repeater (frequency changed) :

This is to inform you all that onwards this Monday, the 12th of MAY 2008, Thane Amateur Radio Association (TARA) Matheran Repeater frequency has been changed to 145.000 + 600 Kc's & with it's original Call Sign VU2BBB which will be installed in the nearby, after it has been programmed.

We are very much thank full to Bombay Repeater Society ,& especially to VU2NA - OM SHASHI PUROHIT, VU2KQY - OM KETAN MEHTA & our Honorary Member VU2GT - OM GEORGE PHILIPS for providing us the Cavity Duplexer.

Also special thanks to VU2HSL - OM HOMI LORDS , Owner of Lords Hotel, Matheran,who literally dragged the M.S.E.B. linesmen from Matheran Station till Dasturi & further ahead & without whose help it would have been impossible for us to restore the AC power supply. He was also kind enough in personally visiting the repeater site & providing us Snacks at the site.

VU2 IIA - OM Mahesh & SWL Bijoy

Also would like to mention here about the hard work & efforts taken for reprogramming, fine tuning & installing the Repeater & the Cavity Duplexer by VU2IIA - OM MAHESH VHATKER & SWL BIJOY PHILIP in assisting him in the whole task.

This MATHERAN REPEATER is dedicated in the loving memory of VU3MHC - Silent Key MINOO CONTRACTOR.


  1. very kind gesture from TARA...Rptr dedicated in the fond memories of VU3MHC.

  2. Nice to know that VU2BBB is on from Matheran



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