Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3rd Himalayan Contest 2008 :

Date: 31st May 2008 0200 UTC(0730 IST) to 01st June 2008 1400
UTC(1930 IST).

Bands: 1.8 to 28 MHz bands except WARC Bands.

Modes: CW, SSB, Mixed.

Contest Call: VUs call "CQ Himalaya" in SSB and "CQ HC" in CW.

Category: Single Operator Single Band CW or SSB or Mixed.

Single Operator Multi Bands CW or SSB or Mixed

SWLs: Multiband CW or SSB or Mixed

Exchange: VUs give "six digit PIN code" combination to VUs.

Restriction: A particular VU can be worked only once in any band
irrespective of Mode.

No DX QSOs please. Only VU-VU QSOs. If you work VU2ABC
on 7 cw, no need to work him again on any other band or mode.

Scoring: Every QSO with a unique PIN code is 1 point.

All VUs located in States like JK,HP,UP,SK, WB,AS,AR
count for 5 points each.

They have either the foothills or the Himalayan range
in their State.

Bonus: Every CW QSO gives 5 points Bonus.

SWLs: VU SWLs must report complete 2-way QSOs of contest stations. Every
station can be logged only once.

A complete QSO between VU and VU gives 5 points on any band.

Multipliers: Every unique exchange which a VU station gives is a

Example: 600042,602002, 615003, 695403,560075, 571313
etc are different multipliers.

A multiplier is counted only once for all bands taken

Final Score: It is the (sum of QSO points from individual band/bands)
multiplied by the (sum of multipliers from individual band/bands)

Logs: Mark each log sheet with your call sign and category.

Kindly send your logs by POST ONLY, to the

Contest Manager VU2UR Arasu, MIG-6, 80 Feet Road, Kengeri
Upanagara, Bangalore 560060, India,

before the expiry of 30 days from the last day of the Contest.

Awards to be issued:

For VU stations, top three in every category get certificates.

For VU SWLs, suitable certificates are going to be issued.

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