Friday, May 2, 2008

Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose :

Father of wireless communication

In 1895 Shri J.C. Bose gave his first public demonstration of wireless electromagnetic waves at Presidency collage in Kolkata he sent wireless signals with the help of remote control instruments developed and constructed by himself. He also transmitted wireless signals to a one mile distance.

In 1897 Bose demonstrated wireless signals to scientists at the Royal Society of Science in London. At this demo Marconi was present. He used the wavelenght of 12.5MM & 5MM. The first wireless signaling experiment by Marconi on Salisbury Plain in England was done in may 1897. Popov in Russia was still working on basics of remote signaling in 1897. Bose developed "iron-mercury-iron coherer" the sensitive telephone detector in 1898 for his detailed experiment in wireless communication. The report about this was published in the proceedings of the Royal Society dated 27th. April,1899. Marconi used this details of mercury coherer in his transatlantic communication from Newfoundland on 12th. December,1901. Marconi also used the sensitive semiconductor device invented by Bose.

Shri J.C. Bose described at the Royal Institute in London, his research work on millimeter wavelengths. He used waveguide, horn antennas, dielectric lenses, polarizers and semiconductors of which some equipments are still exhibited at the Bose Institute at Kolkata. Some of his ideas and concepts from 1897 are incorporated in 1.3MM multi beam receiveron NARO12meter telescope at TUSCAN, Arizona in USA. Sir Neville Mott, Noble laureate in 1977 remarked "Bose was at least 60 years ahead of his time & anticipated use of P-type & N-type semiconductors.

Thanks to VU2DSI, OM Dattaji, OM Arasuji & Ham Radio News


  1. Very brief article on JC

  2. prof premraj pushpakaran writes -- 2017 marks the centenary year of Bose Institute !!!


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