Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mumbai city - Net controllers :

Tune on to 144.100 +600 Mumbai repeater & 145.000 +600 Matheran repeater at 2130 hrs. IST corresponding to 1600 hrs. UTC, and you will hear either VU2WLL, OM Vispy or VU2PJM, YL Perviz. They are presently the net controllers of Night Owl's Net carried out in Mumbai city. This net is from Monday to Saturday.

Vispy and Perviz duo both brother and sister visually impaired have been conducting this net from 1996 consistently. The very first net controller for this net was VU2RIG, OM Rajen followed by VU2NFS, YL Nafisa. When collecting details from Vispy on lima lima, he told me that previously when he was in San Francisco, CA USA for studies lots of blind friends were HAM's and they insisted Vispy after going back to India do apply for HAM license. First he got information that classes of HAM radio are conducted in Nehru Science Center, But somehow that did not work and one fine day Vispy came into contact with VU2SVS, OM Sudhir Shah who was running JNA wireless classes. Vispy joined JNA classes in 1994 and after two year got his license. As there was no one to take the Night Owl's Net VU2GTE, OM Roomy told Vispy to go-ahead and take it and from that day he is conducting this net regularly. Perviz got her license in 1999.

On 15th. August 1997 it happened to be 50th. Anniversary of India's Independence day and Vispy 100th Net, so a thought came into Vispy mind that there should at least be 50 check ins. And his dream came true it was all together 63 checkins. Vispy told that there were days when not a single check ins. It reminds me of Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) he used to say that if one person is there with me the struggle for freedom will go on.......Vispy proudly says. And both of them are still following that. We all HAM’s are really very thankful to both and wish them good luck.

Courtesy as told by VU2WLL & VU2PJM


  1. Dear Sai
    i had sent you a message on your guestbook regd. contacting you for HAM related information.
    could you pls revert back on my hotmail ID there? Need some guidance and help. Dont want to post my email ID here on blogger publicly. Hence the request to check your guestbook if you have not already done so.
    thanks a lot.

  2. Informative write-up! 2WLL and 2PJM have been doing a great job for the Ham community with great dedication. They certainly deserve the heart-felt appreciation. Thanks for posting this article.

  3. I have always been impressed with the dedication and the efficiency with which Vispy and Perviz have been conducting the Night Owl Net.

    Your post revives sweet memories of their QSOs here in Dubai where HAM activities is absent.

    Sai, keep it up this helps us know many of our colleagues and their hidden talents.


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